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Pontifical Secret and Madonnina

It’s no secret the Catholic Church fails to protect children.

Pontifical Secret* facilitated and covered up sexual crimes against children and vulnerable adults for the past century.

Thank you, Pope Francis, for lifting “Pontifical Secret” on matters related to child sexual abuse and abuse of vulnerable adults, on your 83rd birthday.
A step on your path to protect children from criminal clergy and religious staff.
Please make protection of children your pontifical priority by plugging and creating clear canon laws.  Embrace mandatory reporting of abuse to civil authorities with the same devotion Mary has for her child Jesus.
Mandate penalties for crimes of abuse and cover-ups.  Be clear and unambiguous.  Criminal clergy will be dismissed from the clerical state.
Mandatory reporting to civil authorities and a culture of zero tolerance sends a clear message.  Crimes against children and vulnerable adults will be punished.  Victims and survivors demand justice.  Mercy can take a ticket. Mercy follows justice.
The Catholic Church has lost the right to police itself.  Sadly, there’s blood on its hands.  Your church can never atone for this evil.  All you can do is ensure the Catholic Church is no longer complicit and ceases to cover up these crimes.
You have the power to create a safer future for the world’s children.  You’ve made a start…I’m confident you have the will to lead on this.  Lifting “Pontifical Secret” signals you’re a match against the forces of evil within your church.
Link to “Kieran Tapsell.  Pope Francis Abolishes the Pontifical Secret Over Child Sexual Abuse” via John Menadue – Pearls and Irritations Blog dated 20DEC2019.
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(My views are happily influenced by Kieran Tapsell, author of  “Potiphar’s Wife: The Secret of the Holy Office and Child Sexual Abuse”.  I recommend Tapsell’s book, his research and views on “Crimen Sollicitationis” and “Pontifical Secret”).
* AKA “Secret of the Holy Office”, “Secreta Continere”, “Papal Secrecy” & “Papal Secret”. (Highest form of Secrecy, Code of Silence, Veil of Secrecy, Secrecy, Obligation of Silence, Obligation of Secrecy, Sulla riservatezza delle cause, “On the Confidentiality of Legal Proceedings”)
Pope Francis abolishes pontifical

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