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EXCLUSIVE: Yet another assault allegation emerges against George Pell

Eileen Piper Pontifical Secret

Title: EXCLUSIVE: Yet another assault allegation emerges against George Pell

Author: Tess Lawrence

Publisher: Independent Australia

Date: 06APR2020

95 year-old, Eileen Piper, mother of a sex abuse suicide victim, accuses George Pell of physical assault of her brother priest, Monsignor Kevin Toomey. Contributing editor-at-large Tess Lawrence reports.

EILEEN PIPER the mother of church sexual abuse suicide victim Stephanie Piper, has accused Cardinal George Pell of physically assaulting her own brother, Monsignor Kevin Toomey, warning him to back off from his niece’s case.

The indefatigable 95 year old, who is in Covid-19 lockdown at her home after a brief stint in hospital after a fall, wants to make a statement to Victoria Police about the assault.

She is distressed that the assault was not raised in her private interview with the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse. Further, she is distressed that the matter has not already been properly examined by Victoria Police, including the Sano Task Force.

Eileen Piper says she was/and still is, prepared to be a witness and give evidence to the court process that ultimately convicted George Pell of sexual assault and that she would have welcomed being cross examined about the vicious assault and threat. She still welcomes being cross-examined and is willing to testify in public — and not behind closed doors.

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