First Part of Chapter II Draft Ordained by a Predator

Predator Cardinal Theodore McCarrick

Title: First Part of Chapter II Draft

Ordained by a Predator, Chapter II, “What I Think Happened with McCarrick”

Author: Father Mark White
Publisher: Father Mark White Blog
Date: 21SEP2020

Pope John Paul II rode up Connecticut Avenue in Washington, D.C., standing in the back of an open car, smiling at the crowds lining the street, arms outstretched. It was October 1979. We saw him from the window of my father’s boss’ office–my whole family, along with a number of my father’s co-workers and their families.

The sight impressed my nine-year-old mind. I had vaguely taken on board the events of the previous fall, which involved smoke emerging from a pipe coming out from the roof of a church in a land called Italy, where they had invented spaghetti. The whole business of the Sistine Chapel seemed impossibly foreign to my little Protestant soul, yet it intrigued me. One Italian pope had died. The red-robed men elected another one, but then suddenly he died, too. Then they threw me yet another curveball by electing another pope, a second foreigner, but this time a different kind of foreigner. Polish, like my friend Alex at school.

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2 thoughts on “First Part of Chapter II Draft Ordained by a Predator”

  1. My heart aches for all that had to go through this., especially Father Mark, a true Priest of God. We grow up to talk to a Priest, cause they are a man of God. I do believe they have some. In the 80’s I left the Catholic Church, went to a Baptist Church, was different, then I was baptized again, and was the greatest. That day in the water I never felt wet, felt like I was in clouds, since then I became a different person. Plus I’ve been too many Churches with friends. Then we move here and, decided to go to Church, Father Mark White was the Priest. We love him and know he is speaking the Truth. He should never be punished for bring the Light on Priest’s abuse of young men. The Catholic Church needs to change its ways, before they lose their People. Those sins they committed, they should be the one out of the Church, because they are not a person to be a priest , because they are committing God Commandment🙏

    • Thanks for your support of Father Mark, Wanda.

      Sadly, Bishop Knestout’s failure to resolve the situation reflects poorly on him, rather than Father Mark. Where is Christ in the Bishop’s heart?

      👨‍👨‍👧 B4 ⛪️ Joolsmagools®

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