John Allen vs. David von Drehle + Update from the Gulag

Knestout Lifts White’s Suspension

Title:  John Allen vs. David von Drehle + Update from the Gulag
Author: Father Mark White
Publisher: Father Mark White Blog
Date: 29JAN2022

Six hundred fifty-three years ago yesterday, a solemn procession carried the bodily remains of St. Thomas Aquinas into the French city of Toulouse. They deposited his bones in the Dominican church there.

I will visit St. Thomas’ tomb and pray for you, dear reader. I leave shortly.

Before I depart, I present a consideration of various opinions about the Munch, Germany, sex-abuse report, which we discussed here on Wednesday

The Vatican has published an official defense of our pope emeritus’ record. It insists that we must credit Pope Benedict for leading a “reform.” Yes, there was a bad period in the past, but that is now over, largely thanks to the pope-emeritus.

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  1. Delighted to read that “Knestout lifts White’s Suspension”. I have been praying daily for Bishop Knestout to make this decision and restore Fr. Mark White to all his duties as a Priest and to find a place for God to use his talents. Praise God.

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