Most viewed posts 2020: Father Glen Walsh paid a heavy price (Sep 9, 2020)

Glen Walsh Heavy Price

Title: Most viewed posts 2020: Father Glen Walsh paid a heavy price (Sep 9, 2020)
Author: Chris Geraghty
Publisher: John Menadue – Pearls and Irritations
Date: 07JAN2021

The revelations never end about priests and brothers, of monsignors and bishops with their secret sexual lives, masturbating, buggerizing, sodomizing and raping boys and girls – protected by an amoral hierarchy and a few corrupt members of the upper-echelons of various police forces.When will the swelling tide inside the Church of hostile responses (of outrage and anger, of humiliation, betrayal, frustration and impotency) ever subside?

Read the findings of our Royal Commission, and weep – and the dirty secrets of the Catholic Church in Ireland as explored by a number of judicial enquiries. Horror stories from the United States, from Canada, France, Germany, Poland and beyond.

Watch Sarah Ferguson’s ABC three-part harrowing documentary entitled Revelations. Devastating and disturbing stuff. The story of His Eminence Cardinal Law and the unfolding story of criminality in his Boston diocese documented in Spotlight. Hundreds of offending priests protected by their superiors, by their brothers in the priesthood, and by the legal profession.

The culture, the crimes, the cover-ups, the clericalism, the corruption, the complicity – when will it ever end? The share price has fallen through the floor, yet the executives and members of the board (all males) keep their jobs.

Incompetent, complicit bishops and their grey parish priests, living in a parallel, supernatural universe are hoping that one day, soon, this whole mess will simply disappear, that people will get tired of hearing about sacerdotal penises and anuses, hearing stories of boys and girls being abused and traumatized – clerics, young and old, hoping that everything would eventually return to normal – whatever that is. The sooner the better – and then they can get on with saving the world again.

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