Madonnina painting Roberto Ferruzzi

Madonnina painting Roberto Ferruzzi (AKA “Madonna of the Streets”)

Madonnina painting Roberto Ferruzzi

Title: “Madonnina” by Ferruzzi

Author: Crooked Halo

Publication: Crooked Halo Catholic Blog website

Date: 13JUN2013

Truth be known, the beauty in the portrait is only 11 years old and she’s cradling her year old brother. Angelina and Giovanni Cian caught the eye of Italian painter,  Roberto Ferruzzi, while he was in Venice. Intrigued by the girl, he asked her to model for him. I’m sure the family was scandalized by such a proposition. Perhaps, the family desperately needed the money. If that had been the case, they accepted it with the promise that no one would know of the arrangement. The fact that the painting was also entitled, “Madonna of the Streets”, was enough reason to keep the identity of the girl a secret.

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