Updates in Michigan and Rome

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Title: Updates in Michigan and Rome

Author: Father Mark White
Publisher: Father Mark White Blog
Date: 07NOV2020

Just returned from Michigan.

I did not go to count votes. I went to discuss Ordained By a Predator with Michael Voris of Church Militant. We had a good talk, on camera. More on that soon.

I flew to Michigan on the anniversary of the death of St. Charles Borromeo, “the second Ambrose” of the city of Milan, in Italy. Strange co-incidence because, for some reason, the Attorney General of Michigan put a photograph of St. Charles’ tomb on the cover of a report she issued a couple weeks ago, about her investigation into the Catholic dioceses of her state.

Over two years ago, as we recall, a grand jury in Pennsylvania published their extensive study of sex-abuse cover-ups done by Catholic bishops in that state. Pennsylvania’s report moved attorneys general in other states to begin similar investigations.

The investigation continues in Michigan. To keep the public up-to-date, the Michigan Attorney General published her report, with a picture of the duomo in Milan, to mark the second anniversary of the beginning of the project.

The Michigan AG’s report does not contain a lot of information, but it’s more than Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring has offered us. Two years have passed since he announced his investigation here.

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