600 Days and Counting: STILL No McCarrick Report

Where’s Promised McCarrick Report?

Title: 600 Days and Counting: STILL No McCarrick Report

Author: Complicit Clergy team

Publisher: Complicit Clergy

Date: 28MAY2020

Elapsed time since Pope Francis promised to issue report on Theodore McCarrick

It has now been over 600 days since Pope Francis originally committed to issuing a formal report on Theodore McCarrick.  Over the course of this time, we have heard assurances from numerous prelates telling us the report would be forthcoming, but no report has yet been issued.

Statements made by prelates regarding the McCarrick report:

  • “I think it will come out. I can’t tell you exactly when. We are trying to speed things up in order to publish it in the near future.” Cardinal Pietro Parolin, February 6, 2020

TAKE ACTION: Sign the petition asking the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops to formally request the McCarrick report from Rome.

For more information and to sign the petition visit:

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