Waiting for the McCarrick Report

Waiting For McCarrick Report

Title: Waiting for the McCarrick Report
Author: Stephen P. White
Publisher: The Catholic Thing
Date: 06AUG2020

NY’s Cardinal Dolan held an online held a video conference for the clergy Tuesday and said that his sources tell him that the McCarrick report will be out later this month. He said he does not know what is in it. The latter seems believable; the former remains to be seen.It has been two years since the Vatican announced it would be conducting preparing a report on the case of Theodore McCarrick. Cardinal Parolin said of the report’s release, “The publication depends on the pope. The work that is done is done, but the pope must give the final word. . . .I think that it will come out soon. I cannot tell you exactly when.” That was in early February.

The second anniversary of McCarrick’s resignation from the College of Cardinals has come and gone. Since then, the bishops’ conference has twice voted against publicly petitioning Pope Francis to release the report promptly and in full.

To almost everyone – including many bishops individually, if not corporately – the release of the McCarrick report is an obvious and necessary step in establishing transparency. Ideally, such transparency would lead to accountability. Giving account to the faithful for the trust that has been taken from them ought to be seen as a matter of justice.

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