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Vatican task force offers help to church on abuse prevention

Title: Vatican task force offers help to church on abuse prevention

Author: Nicole Winfield

Publication: Associated Press via The Washington Post

Date: 29FEB2020

VATICAN CITY — The Vatican is launching a task force of experts to help Catholic dioceses and religious orders develop guidelines to handle cases of sexual abuse by clergy and tend to survivors.

The initiative was proposed last year during Pope Francis’ summit on preventing abuse. It was considered necessary given Catholic leaders in some parts of the world — mostly poor, conflict-marred areas in Africa and Asia — have failed to comply with a 2011 Vatican directive to develop the guidelines.

Task force participants said Friday that the aim is to provide legal expertise and help to dioceses and religious orders that simply don’t have the professional resources or have otherwise neglected to comply with the 2011 directive.

The guidelines are meant to establish procedures to receive complaints from victims and provide them with pastoral care, train church personnel in abuse prevention and child protection strategies, and follow the church’s internal legal procedures to investigate allegations.

For more information visit: https://www.washingtonpost.com/national/religion/vatican-task-force-offers-help-to-church-on-abuse-prevention/2020/02/28/abb1d2c2-5a2b-11ea-8efd-0f904bdd8057_story.html

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