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Title: McCarrick Articles
Author: Father Mark White
Publisher: Father Mark White Blog
Date: 12AUG2020

Conscientious people recognize that the Church in the United States cannot live Her life in any kind of healthy manner without coming clean regarding the decades-long McCarrick Cover-up.

Catholics and non-Catholics alike realize this. Conservative Catholics and liberal Catholics all realize this.

Two weeks ago, the “conservative” National Catholic Register editorialized about it:

Yesterday, the “liberal” National Catholic Reporter did the same:

When the Register and the Reporter have the same editorial position on something, that’s what you call an “American Catholic consensus.”

Non-Catholics also recognize the imperative. Journalists, Catholic and non-Catholic alike, have helped us by doing thorough investigations.

Two days ago, two reporters in New Jersey published a record of the McCarrick Cover-up. They based their report on extensive research and interviews.

The article comes as a great gift to the Church, helping Her do what the pope and bishops have not had the will or clarity of mind to do.

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