The Connection between Archbishop Gregory Aymond and St. John Vianney Prep

SNAP Archbishop Gregory Aymond

Title: The Connection between Archbishop Gregory Aymond and St. John Vianney Prep
Author: Kevin Bourgeois
Publisher: Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (SNAP)
Date: 03DEC2020

I am a proud graduate of St. John Prep’s final graduating class of 1985. My high school alma mater closed, we were told, because not enough boys pursued higher education after graduation to become priests. At least that is what then-Archbishop Phillip Hannan stated to us and the public. But was that the only reason? Today, Archbishop Aymond named deceased Rev. Robert Cooper as the 73rd cleric to the ever growing list of credibly accused clergymen. Fr. Luis Fernandez and Fr. Joseph deWater were suspended from ministry pending further investigation. Cooper and Fernandez served with Aymond at St. John Prep in the mid-1970’s.In addition to the aforementioned priests whom Aymond worked with at St. John Prep, the following also credibly accused sexual predators were employed during Aymond’s tenure:

Carl Davidson
Lawrence Hecker
Danny Poche
Paul Calamari
George Brignac

St. John Prep educated New Orleans area Catholic boys who were open to the priesthood. It had a spirit of community that we all prided. Most of us have maintained close friendships. “Fr. Greg” Aymond began his career there as a teacher and then rector. We felt a tremendous closeness to him, and believed that he was one of us. As he ascended the hierarchy to eventually become the fourteenth Archbishop of New Orleans, the St. John Prep community continued to feel Charger pride that Fr. Greg made it.

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