Perth archbishop slams confession seal ‘slur’

Seal Confession Canon Law

Title: Perth archbishop slams confession seal ‘slur’

Author: Marilyn Rodrigues

Publisher: The Catholic Weekly

Date: 19MAY2020

Minister’s comments called out as ‘virtue signalling’

Perth Archbishop Timothy Costelloe SDB has written a sharp rebuke to Western Australia’s Child Protection Minister Simone McGurk after she called on him to support forcing priests to disclose information about child abuse discussed in confession.

Introducing the new legislation for debate on 13 May Ms McGurk said that the Catholic Church had “resisted change in this area, and publicly opposed breaking the seal of confession” and that it was time for “the Church’s leadership to put child safety first.”

“The Catholic Archbishop of Perth has made his position on this very clear,” she said. “The extension of mandatory reporting to ministers of religion signals very clearly that child safety is the number one priority. I call on the archbishop to make that statement by supporting this legislation in full.”

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