QAnon Conspiracy or The REAL Catholic Church?

QAnon Juan Carlos Cruz

Title: QAnon Conspiracy or The REAL Catholic Church?
Podcast Hosts: AJ Gibson and Mikalah Gordon
Publisher: The Morning Beat Channel Q via Radio.Com
Date: 16MAR2021
Openly gay friend of Pope Francis & sexual assault survivor says there are dark forces behind the Vatican’s statement that gay marriage is still a “sin.”

The news that the Vatican saw being gay, in regards to marriage, was a “choice” and a “sin” frustrated and angered many in the community and our allies.

In order to get some better perspective on the matter, we talked with Juan Carlos Cruz. He is a survivor of clergy abuse and one of the focus’ of the upcoming documentary on the Pope, Francesco, about his thoughts on the church’s announcement. He tells us “dark forces” surround the pope and the Vatican, while the Pontiff himself is open and welcoming of the community and fosters a personal relationship with him.

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