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Protecting Victoria’s Vulnerable Children Inquiry

Author: The Honourable Philip Cummins (Chair)

Publication: Victorian Parliament Report

Date: 27Jan2012

Protecting Victoria’s vulnerable children.

The Panel delivered the Report to the Minister for Community Services on 27January 2012. The Report was tabled by the Minister for Community Services in Parliament on 28 February 2012.

The Report is now available to the public.

It is split into three Volumes.

  • Volume 1 includes the Executive summary and Lists of recommendations, findings and matters for attention as well as an Implementation plan.
  • Volume 2 comprises eight parts and contains 23 chapters. For ease of downloading, this Volume has been divided into sections.
  • Volume 3 is composed mostly of the appendices. See below for more information on the contents of the Report.

Volume 1:

The entire Volume 1 can be downloaded here (PDF, 2.55MB).

  • Terms of Reference
  • Foreword
  • Acknowledgements
  • Executive summary
  • List of recommendations
  • List of findings and matters for attention
  • Implementation plan

Volume 2:

Click on the links below to download the individual parts or chapters of the Report.

Part 1 – The impact of abuse and neglect (PDF, 1.28MB)

Part 2 – Victoria’s current system and performance (PDF, 1.54MB)

Part 3 – The policy framework (PDF, 657KB)

Part 4 – Major protective system elements (PDF, 5.81MB)

Part 5: The law and the courts (PDF, 1.65MB)

Part 6: System supporting capacities (PDF, 1.44MB)

Part 7: System governance (PDF, 789KB)

Part 8: Implementation and conclusion (PDF, 767KB)

The entire Volume 2 can be downloaded here (PDF, 12.9MB). Please note that this is a large file and depending on your local infrastructure you may be advised to download the separate parts of Volume 2.

Volume 3:

The entire Volume 3 can be downloaded here (PDF, 1.28MB).

  • Appendices
  • Abbreviations
  • References

The entire report consisting of volumes 1,2 & 3 can be downloaded here (PDF, 15.6MB). Please note that this is a large file and depending on your local infrastructure you may be advised to download the separate Volumes of the report.

Note:· You will need Adobe Reader software to view this format which you can download free of charge from the Adobe website: www.adobe.com.

If you would like to receive this publication in an alternative format, please contact 03 9096 0581 and rocco.fonzi@dhs.vic.gov.au

For more information visit: http://childprotectioninquiry.vic.gov.au/report-pvvc-inquiry.html

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