Potiphar’s Wife: The Vatican’s Secret and Child Sexual Abuse

Potiphar’s Wife Kieran Tapsell

Title: Potiphar’s Wife: The Vatican’s Secret and Child Sexual Abuse
Podcast Host: Ed Opperman
Publisher: The Opperman Report via
Date: 20FEB2021
The ‘cover-up’ of child sexual abuse by the Catholic Church has been occurring under the pontificate of six popes since 1922. For 1500 years, the Catholic Church accepted that clergy who sexually abused children deserved to be stripped of their status as priests and then imprisoned. A series of papal and Council decrees from the twelfth century required such priests to be dismissed from the priesthood, and then handed over to the civil authorities for further punishment.That all changed in 1922 when Pope Pius XI issued his decree Crimen Sollicitationis that created a de facto ‘privilege of clergy’ by imposing the ‘secret of the Holy Office’ on all information obtained through the Church’s canonical investigations.
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