Pope Francis: ‘Never again to the culture of abuse’

Pope Francis Never Again

Title: Pope Francis: ‘Never again to the culture of abuse’
Author: Courtney Mares
Publisher: Catholic News Agency
Date: 10SEP2020

.- Pope Francis has written a prologue to a recently published book on sexual abuse in the Catholic Church entitled “Theology and Prevention.”

“Fighting against abuse means fostering and empowering communities capable of watching over and announcing that all life deserves to be respected and valued, especially that of the most defenseless who do not have the resources to make their voices heard,” Pope Francis wrote in the introduction to the book, obtained by CNA.

“In this most recent time in the Church we were challenged to face this conflict, accept it and suffer it together with the victims, their families and the entire community to find ways that make us say: never again to the culture of abuse,” the pope said.

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