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Pope Francis please mandate all abuse is reported to civil authorities. Canon Law✍

Pope Francis Canon Law

Author: Joolsmagools®

Publication: Change Org website

Date: 21DEC2019

Jools Magools® started this petition to Pope Francis (Pontifex) and 2 others

Pope Francis please plug Canon Laws.

Sexual abuse and cover ups are crimes.

Please mandate ALL abuse is to be reported to civil authorities.

Please dismiss from the clerical state perpetrators of sexual abuse crimes and those who facilitate abuse by failing to report it to civil authorities.

Pope Francis please return Canon Laws on these issues to pre-1917.

100 years of evil must end.

Children B4 Church

Lifting “Pontifical Secret” on matters related to clerical child sexual abuse & abuse of vulnerable adults on your 83rd birthday was a first step.

Please sign & share this petition & help Pope Francis take his next steps to protect children & vulnerable adults from criminal Catholic clergy.

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