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Pope urges church workers to fight child abuse, even when facing threats

Pope Fight Abuse Mexico

Title: Pope urges church workers to fight child abuse, even when facing threats

Author: Ines San Martin

Publication: Crux Now

Date: 25Feb2020

ROME – In a video message sent to an abuse prevention formation center in Mexico, Pope Francis condemned the fact there are people willing to hire a hit man to stop abuse prevention and child protection.

“You will be misunderstood, [some] will tell you are wasting your time,” Francis says in the video sent to the Center for Interdisciplinary Research and Formation for the Protection of Minors (CEPROME), an interdisciplinary center for child protection at the Pontifical University of Mexico. “You will be threatened, because there are those who are threatened. More than one will tell you that they are capable of hiring a hit man to clean up the field.”

“Be prudent,” he adds. “Take care of yourselves, but continue to be brave and work. Preventing the abuse of children, the abuse of those who are at a disadvantage due to their social situation or an illness, is an act of love.”

Standing next to Francis in the video is Father Daniel Portillo, president of CEPROME, who was in Rome recently and who met the pope to discuss the center’s ongoing initiatives.

Portillo told Crux that the video was filmed during the meeting he had with the pope, where the two men spoke about abuse prevention and child safeguarding.

The priest said that Francis “showed interest in supporting the initiative, particularly as a project in Latin America that includes a network of collaborators.”

For more information visit: https://cruxnow.com/church-in-the-americas/2020/02/pope-urges-church-workers-to-fight-child-abuse-even-when-facing-threats/amp/

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