Father Mark White and the Streisand Effect

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Title: Father Mark White and the Streisand Effect


Publisher: Henry County Enterprise

Date: 20MAY2020

Back when I was a full-time journalist, I did several interviews with Father Mark White, the pastor of St. Joseph Catholic Church in Martinsville and St. Francis of Assisi in Rocky Mount.

Generally speaking, when a reporter comes to talk to the local Catholic priest, it’s because the Catholic Church has made the news. I interviewed Father White about a number of topics, varying in range from “somewhat controversial” to “potential minefield.”

I immediately took a liking to Father White. When I asked him a question, he would ponder it quietly before providing a carefully considered answer. He didn’t dodge any hard questions. He was honest, thoughtful, and kind. 

I know a few people who attend St. Joseph and I’ve never heard an ill word said about Father White. He’s been a boon to Martinsville’s Catholic community, a caring pastor for the better part of a decade.

And that is why, when I learned of how he’s been treated by the religious organization that he represents so well, I was furious.

If you haven’t been following the news, I’ll try to offer a brief summary. 

Father White writes a blog which he uses to connect with his flock. It’s available at, and you should check it out. It has a vast number of sermons, homilies, and other religious musings dating back to 2008.

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