MY WORD: The bishop is missing a chance for a lesson of love

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Title: MY WORD: The bishop is missing a chance for a lesson of love
Author: Judy Rogers
Publisher: Martinsville Bulletin
Date: 26AUG2020

I have been very concerned about this entire situation involving Father Mark White. Why is a loved and respected priest who faithfully served two small parishes in southwest Virginia being subjected to such harsh and unfair treatment by the bishop, including suspension from his priestly faculties?”

Father Mark has brought disillusioned members back into the church. His love for God and devotion to the priesthood are unquestionable. His advice and counsel have helped so many (including myself). The two parishes that he served have flourished. Two current seminarians came from the St. Francis of Assisi parish. So, what is the issue?

Bishop Barry Knestout’s concern over Father Mark’s blog, in which he addressed the issues of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church, including questions about the delay in receiving the long-awaited McCarrick Report and also was critical of the actions of the hierarchy — in my opinion, well-deserved — is the issue. I love my Catholic faith and believe in the faith teachings of the church, but I cannot deny or close my eyes to the problems within the hierarchy.

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