Justice for victims

Justice For Victims Indonesia

Title: Justice for victims

Author: Editorial Board

Publisher: The Jakarta Post

Date: 01JUL2020

More and more victims of sexual violence in Indonesia are speaking up, including those allegedly assaulted in religious communities. Most recently the Depok, West Java, Police arrested a church caretaker for allegedly molesting at least 20 children under his tutelage within a span of eight years.

The Catholic Women Human Rights Activists said recently that the parents of one of the victims filed a report on the alleged assault to St. Herkulanus Church in 2014, but the case was settled through mediation and the suspect, Syahril Parlindungan Marbun, was not dismissed as a mentor of altar boys. Instead, he was promoted to the post of mentorship subsection head.

Surely this scandal further taints the Catholic Church, despite the progress the Vatican has made in addressing sexual abuse within the Church, a lot of which was previously swept under the carpet. Through his apostolic letter “Vos Estis Lux Mundi”, Pope Francis passed an ecclesiastical law requiring each diocese to create a system for reporting sexual abuse by June 2020.

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