Sins of the fathers: Ireland’s sex abuse survivors

Ireland’s Clergy Abuse Survivors

Title: Sins of the fathers: Ireland’s sex abuse survivors
Author: Euronews Staff
Publisher: Euronews
Date: 27NOV2020

Revelations of sexual abuse inside the Catholic church shook Ireland to its core. Unreported Europe speaks to those who survived the paedophile priests and examines if the church has truly taken responsibility for the scandal.

Our lives are not as normal as other people who haven’t been abused. The abuse has just changed our attitude to life, changed our attitude to people.

Martin Gallagher

Ireland has one of the largest Catholic communities in Europe. The Church is rooted into the culture of the country, but when Pope Francis visited Dublin in 2018 his words divided the nation.

Since 2002, multiple reports and investigations have shed light on nearly 15,000 cases of sexual abuse committed in Ireland between 1970 and 1990.

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