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George Pell could have helped. He made it worse.

George Pell is no saint

: George Pell could have helped. He made it worse.
Podcast Presenter: Ruby Jones
Podcast Guest: Lucie Morris-Marr
Publisher: 7am Schwartz Media
Date: 18JAN2023

George Pell’s body is returning to Australia after last weekend’s funeral service in the Vatican. He will be interred in the crypts below St Mary’s Cathedral in Sydney.

To his supporters, Pell was a guardian of traditional faith and doctrine, whose conviction on charges of child sexual abuse was overturned by the High Court.

To thousands of survivors of child sexual abuse perpetrated by priests across Australia, Pell was the leader who oversaw an era when the Church moved too slowly, and protected itself rather than children.

Today, freelance investigative journalist and the author of a book about the trial of George Pell, Fallen, Lucie Morris-Marr on Pell and the questions left for thousands of survivors after his death.

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