‘We wanted to do something that no-one had ever done before’

Fermanagh Nial Fulton Revelation

Title: ‘We wanted to do something that no-one had ever done before’

Author: Rodney Edwards

Publisher: The Impartial Reporter

Date: 03JUN2020

A Fermanagh born producer’s defining three-part documentary investigation into child sexual abuse within the Catholic Church in Australia has shone a spotlight on a very dark part of life on the other side of the world.

Nial Fulton, who left Enniskillen 16 years ago, wanted to do something “that has never been done before” when he secured face to face interviews with two of Australia’s most notorious serial paedophiles for his ABC television series ‘Revelation’.

The in-depth interviews were carried out by journalist Sarah Ferguson with an ordained priest and a religious brother convicted of historical child sexual abuse, and Nial also had unprecedented access to film their trials as they unfolded in court.

Throughout the long-running scandal of clerical abuse in Australia there was one voice that had not been heard – the perpetrators. The former Portora Royal School student was determined to secure interviews with them, not to simply give those who committed such crimes a platform, but to question and challenge them, examine how the church enabled them and explore the issue to help stop it from happening again.

“We wanted to do something that no one had ever done before. We wanted to convince a convicted paedophile to go on camera, mindful there is always a real risk of giving people like this a platform on camera. But it hadn’t been done before.

“We still felt there was something to be said about speaking to these men and there is a justification for doing this because if we don’t understand why they did they did we run the risk of it happening again,” Nial told The Impartial Reporter.

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