FBI: Queens Priest Shared Sexually Explicit Texts Photos With 15-Year-Old Boy

FBI Priest Francis Hughes

Title: FBI: Queens Priest Shared Sexually Explicit Texts, Photos With 15-Year-Old Boy
Author: Erica Brosnan
Publisher: WCBS 880
Date:  29JUL2020

Francis Hughes, 65, a pastor at a religious institution in Glendale, is charged with receiving images of child pornography via text from a 15-year-old minor in Westchester.“The allegations against Francis Hughes are chilling and frightening to any parent.  A person who, by the nature of his profession, is presumed to be trustworthy allegedly victimized a child.  Thanks to the FBI, Hughes now faces a serious federal charge,” said Acting U.S. Attorney Audrey Strauss.

In the criminal complaint filed in federal court in Manhattan, prosecutors said Hughes admitted to FBI agents that he knew the teen was underage and that he had sent the pictures and messages.

He also admitted to having at least one sexual encounter with a teen boy on school grounds in Queens and said he made numerous attempts to meet with other teens.

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