‘Learn. Protect your children from clergy.’ The ABC’s Revelation reveals a tragic story

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Title: ‘Learn. Protect your children from clergy.’ The ABC’s Revelation reveals a tragic story


Publisher: Eternity

Date: 18MAR2020

The ABC’s Sarah Ferguson has taken us into a place where most Christians have not wanted to go – up close and very personal with pedophile Christian leaders in her series Revelation on the ABC. The series focuses in scarifying detail on abuse by pedophile Catholic Priests.

“They are men living among us like Lucifer’s fallen angels – they look like ordinary men,” is how Ferguson begins her narrative. “Their very ordinariness is what I find disturbing. They should look like monsters but they don’t.”

Chrissie Foster, who has seen extreme family tragedy from clergy pedophilia, tells Eternity her response to Revelation: “If you have a child in the Catholic system you will learn that your child is worthless to the Catholic priesthood.

“If you have had doubt about the guilt of Catholic clergy over child sexual assault, you will learn that the hierarchy do nothing to stop child sexual assault after complaints.

“Oral rape of children …

“You will learn that clergy live a public life as a holy man and in private a life as a crime figure.

“You may have the Christian values they preach, but they don’t.

“Learn. Protect your children from clergy.”

Foster is a voice for many survivors of clergy abuse.

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