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Podcast: The Rise and Fall of Theodore McCarrick

Dulle OConnell Theodore McCarrick

Title: Podcast: The Rise and Fall of Theodore McCarrick
Podcast Producer & Host: Colleen Dulle
Co-Host:  Gerard O’Connell
Publisher:  America Magazine
Date:  11NOV2020

The Vatican’s long-awaited report on the rise of former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick was finally published yesterday. The document reveals that complaints about Mr. McCarrick’s abuse of seminarians reached all the way to Pope John Paul II, and that allegations of his abuse of children reached at least to John Paul’s top advisors.

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In this deep dive episode of “Inside the Vatican,” America’s Vatican correspondent Gerard O’Connell and producer Colleen Dulle explain the rise and fall of Theodore McCarrick, once the most prominent prelate in the U.S. Catholic church.
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