Delicta Graviora – An Essay for the Faithful

Delicta Graviora Nathan Doe

TitleDelicta Graviora – An Essay for the Faithful

Author: “Nathan Doe”

Publisher: Essay For The Faithful blog

Date: 05JUN2020

Update from Nathan

A Message of Hope

As we navigate this period of intense pain, heartache, anger, and frustration across our nation, I wanted to offer a positive message to my Catholic brothers and sisters whose faith is being challenged in these moments.  

I don’t have any good answers when it comes to ending systemic racial atrocities and socio-economic injustices.  I am not qualified to offer advice on keeping your families, your loved ones, or your livelihood safe during a global pandemic.  I am no intellectual and I am not a moral authority on any subject.  I am a sinner – just like everyone else.

The one thing I can offer at this moment is that I can speak to the legitimate concerns expressed by many of the Faithful with regard to the pace, integrity, and rigor of the Vatican’s investigation of Theodore McCarrick. Many of us have waited a long time to receive all of the details, while at the same time knowing those details would be painful to hear.

I am aware of the public statements made by multiple members of the College of Cardinals several months back that suggested that the Vatican’s report on McCarrick’s career would be imminently forthcoming. Naturally, these statements served to raise expectations and it is clear now that the report has taken longer than anyone expected. I don’t believe any of those Cardinals were trying to mislead anyone.  I just think they believed that what they were saying was true.  

I say that because early this year, persons tasked by the Holy See with investigating McCarrick’s career reached out to me directly, as well as to several of the other Nathans, and asked us if we would be willing to provide facts and information to help ensure the accuracy of the report and to contribute to its findings.  

I will admit to initial skepticism and also to discomfort in having to, once again, address questions that have long pained me and my family. Whereas the CDF Administrative Penal Process back in December of 2018 that resulted in McCarrick’s laicization was narrowly focused on the specific acts of sexual abuse that McCarrick committed, the more recent lines of inquiry covered a much broader scope.

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