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Deaf survivors of clergy sexual abuse protest in Vatican

Deaf Survivors Protest Vatican

Title: Deaf survivors of clergy sexual abuse protest in Vatican

Author: Philip Pullella Reuters

Publication: GEO TV

Date: 21FEB2020

VATICAN CITY: Victims of sexual abuse by Catholic priests at a school for the deaf in Argentina staged a protest at the Vatican on Friday to bring attention to an upcoming trial of more alleged abusers.

Last November, a court in the province of Mendoza convicted two priests and the former gardener at a Catholic Church-run school on 28 counts of sexual abuse and corruption of minors.

Trials for about 10 others who worked at the Antonio Provolo Institute for the deaf, including teachers and a nun, are expected to start in a few months. They are accused of abetting the abuse by the priests.

About 20 people — including several former students — held up signs reading “Zero Tolerance,” “Don’t Forget,” and “We Are Not Going Away” in front of the building housing the Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine for the Faith, which handles abuse cases. The victims’ lawyers and other victims of abuse were among those who joined the protest.

“Church officials in Argentina are not cooperating with civil authorities and not cooperating with prosecutors concerning the rape and sexual abuse of dozens of deaf children in Argentina,” Peter Isely, a founder of the advocacy group Ending Clergy Abuse (ECA), told Reuters at the demonstration.

For more information visit: https://www.geo.tv/amp/273615-deaf-survivors-of-clergy-sexual-abuse-protest-in-vatican

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