Priest who exposed ‘homoheresy’ speaks out on need to curb ‘homosexual clans’ in Church

Dariusz Oko Lavender Mafia

Title: Priest who exposed ‘homoheresy’ speaks out on need to curb ‘homosexual clans’ in Church

Author: Dorothy Cummings McLean
Publisher: Lifesite News
Date: 31MAR2021

KRAKOW, Poland, March 31, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) — A Polish priest and professor has suggested that a Synod of Bishops be called together to address the increasing number of homosexual prelates in the Church’s most prominent roles.

“The Church now needs to not pass over in silence the issue of homosexuality of many of her members (including highest-ranking), but rather a Synod devoted to the problem of homosexuality of her leaders,” writes Fr. Dariusz Oko in his most recent book.

“Things have gone so far that this truth cannot be kept a secret.”

Oko, the author of With the Pope against Homoheresy, has produced a sequel entitled Lavender Mafia: With the Popes and Bishops against the Homoclique in the Church.” The book, as yet unavailable in English, is a bestseller in Poland, where 32,000 copies have already been printed. The author kindly made the first chapter of his book available to LifeSiteNews in essay form.

Much of what Oko has written in “On the Need to Curb Homosexual Clans in the Church” will be distressingly familiar to readers. As he points out, both Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI and Cardinal Maradiaga, among others, have admitted that there is a homosexual lobby in the Church. Unfortunately, says Oko, its members currently occupy the most important positions in the Church.

“Experts in the field know well that an essential ‘prerequisite’ to becoming a bishop is … belonging to the ‘clan,’ having homosexual tendencies or, at least, guaranteeing that one will not impair the rights of the Church homosexuals,” Oko writes. “These are unwritten yet necessary conditions that a candidate must fulfill …”

Oko, who spent 10 years outside Poland as a priest and is personally familiar with 70 countries, says that he has amassed ample evidence that the problem exists throughout the Church, thanks to a wide acquaintance with Catholics around the world, in different but relevant fields (like law enforcement), who tell him what they know of clerical homosexual misconduct.

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