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Culture of silence keeps abuse systems in place

Culture of Abuse Silence

Title: Culture of silence keeps abuse systems in place
Author: Grace Tame
Publisher: The Age
Date: 06MAR2021

In recent weeks, the once unspoken horror of sexual abuse has become the dominant focus of public conversation. But the events playing out in the centre of our nation – and the corrupt cultures they’re exposing as a result – are not unique to Parliament. Abuse of power – invisible and therefore untraceable – is a cornerstone of all sexual violence.This issue is far too important to be politicised. It transcends all divides. It affects us all.

As is often the case when a systemic issue is suddenly pulled out of the shadows and thrust into the spotlight, there has been widespread shock and disbelief as to how something so evil as sexual abuse could not just exist, but do so ubiquitously.

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