A Map of L.A.’s Accused Pedophile Priests

Clergy Abuse Rossetti Tapes

Title: A Map of L.A.’s Accused Pedophile Priests

Author: Social Connected KCET Staff

Publisher: KCET

Date: 11JUN2020

Watch Socal Connected’s exclusive 2012 investigative report revealing straight talk from church officials about how to deal with sexually abusive priests — by reassigning them.

Full Transcript: Rosetti Tape Reveals How Church Dealt with Sexually Abusive Priests

Interactive map detailing data analysis of tracking the accused abusers.

The numbers on the map pins indicate how many accused priests worked at that parish at one time or another. They do not mean an incident of abuse occurred there. It’s likely that some of the numbers are lower than they should be, because in some cases names and locations were redacted from the records. Consider these numbers to be estimates.

You can use the controls below the map to find specific priests or parishes. Click on a priest name to load and read his file. Click a parish to see which accused priests worked there.

NOTE: The map displays information on all 128 priests whose files were released in January 2013. These priests have had their names associated with allegations of sexual abuse but were not necessarily charged or convicted of any crime. The church maintains that the allegations against some of the priests were false. We chose to include all of them in order to give the public the ability to explore the documents and draw their own conclusions.

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