Cardinal Pell – Looking Back

Cardinal Pell Looking Back

Title: Cardinal Pell – Looking Back
Author: Bishop Pat Buckley
Publisher: Bishop Pat Buckley blog
Date: 18JAN2023

GEORGE PELL HAS BEEN AND WILL ALWAYS BE CONTROVERSIAL.The decision to have him lie in state in the Cathedral in Sydney, have a Mass attended by thousands, and then buried in the Cathedral crypt on February 2nd seems to me to be unnecessarily insensitive to victims of clerical sexual abuse.

George Pell was not found INNOCENT by the Australian High Court.

His conviction was found to be UNSAFE.

Total innocence and an unsafe conviction are two very different things.

Pell admitted himself that he had failed victims as a bishop and archbishop.

But right-wing Catholics all over the worldnow want Pell to be regarded as a Saint and white martyr.

The truth is that Pell was a typical RC bishop – arrogant, self willed, in denial of truth, and probably absolutely cynical.

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