Bishop-elect of Duluth resigns following sexual abuse allegation

Michel Mulloy Child Abuse

Title: Bishop-elect of Duluth resigns following sexual abuse allegation
Author: Gerard O’Connell
Publisher: America Magazine (America Media)
Date: 07SEP2020

Pope Francis has today accepted the resignation of Michel Mulloy, the bishop elect of Duluth following an allegation of the sexual abuse of a minor and a subsequent investigation.

The Vatican announced the resignation at midday today without mentioning the abuse allegation.

The explanation for the allegation came soon after in a statement issued by Bishop Peter Muhich of Rapid City, the diocese where Father Mulloy had been a priest at the time of his episcopal appointment on June 19. Before his recent appointment as bishop of Rapid City, Bishop Muhich had worked as a pastor in Duluth.

The statement says that “subsequent to Fr Mulloy’s appointment” as bishop of Duluth “on August 7, 2020, the Diocese of Rapid City received notification of an allegation against Father Mulloy of sexual abuse of a minor in the early 1980’s.”  It made clear that the diocese “has no other allegations of sexual abuse involving Father Mulloy.”

After the allegation, it said Bishop Muhich of Rapid City “following the established procedure, informed law enforcement of this development” and “Fr. Mulloy was directed to refrain from engaging in ministry.”

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