Warning: Some parts of story may be distressing

EXCLUSIVE: Sarah Ferguson is keeping Episode 3 of Revelation under wraps from media for good reason.

In a series that will most surely shock viewers, the final chapter includes a bombshell of an interview.

“There was a moment where one of the paedophiles gave us the name of someone that I was not at all expecting, who had helped cover up his crimes,” she tells TV Tonight.

“When he mentioned this person’s name, the producer and I (gasped).

“This paedophile has tried to withdraw. He’s trying to get out of being in the series after having agreed to it all.”

Ferguson’s confronting 3 part documentary includes interviews with two convicted paedophiles -an ordained priest and a religious brother. There are interviews with survivors, family members, with footage filmed in courtrooms, prison, amd travel to Ireland and the Vatican.

While the content may prove distressing for many, Ferguson is determined to link a most-fractured social and criminal jigsaw together, in order to elicit an outcome.

“We don’t understand the minds of the men who did it.”

“We don’t understand the minds of the men who did it. We don’t understand the whole story of how all of the pieces of the crime and the cover-up fit together,” she explains.

She adds, “What I wanted to understand is the much deeper topography, the motivation for the men, for the cover-up for all of the crucial elements of it.”

Filming across a 12 month period, Ferguson gains extraordinary access to two men whom she grills in lengthy and confronting interviews.

“I set the bar very high: if we’re going to do it …we’re going to have to set the threshold incredibly high and that means hearing from the people we’ve never heard from. The paedophiles. Ordained men who commit heinous crimes, and then tell us how to behave. Our moral guardians, who are also sexual predators. The apex of hypocrisy, if you like.

‘This is a story of people trying to get justice.”

“The other thing that has happened in the iteration to the story is it’s turned into story of people trying to get justice.

“The clock is ticking louder and louder with every year, because the people who destroyed them are dying.”

Episode one centres around Vincent Ryan, former priest who finished a 14-year prison sentence for abusing more than 30 boys, but who faces a new trial during the course of filming. Remarkably, ABC was granted camera access for the trial without a jury.

Getting him to talk for the documentary was a major coup for Ferguson.

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