Consumatum est: is the Australian Catholic church finished?

Australian Catholic church finished?

Title: Consumatum est: is the Australian Catholic church finished?
Author: Garry Everett
Publisher: John Menadue – Pearls and Irritations
Date: 23AUG2020

Can we save Jesus from the Church?

Consumatum est was reportedly, the last expression of Christ on the Cross— “it is finished”. The same expression could be applied today to the Catholic Church in Australia as we know it.

This is a hard truth to accept, and an even greater challenge ”to practise resurrection”. How do we imagine a new Church in Australia for our times? Has the Church become incapable of sensing its own reality?

Many books and articles have been written about a future Church. Journalists, scholars, and arm-chair critics have contributed. Much of these contributions has been helpful. However, I suspect that too little attention has been paid to the words of a former teacher of mine: “90% of solving a problem is to be found in properly understanding the problem“.

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