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Where things stand a year after pope’s historic sexual abuse summit

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Title: Where things stand a year after pope’s historic sexual abuse summit

Author: John L. Allen Jr.

Publisher: Crux Now via Angelus News

Date: 24FEB2020

ROME — Last weekend marked the one-year anniversary of arguably the most important single moment to date in the Catholic Church’s efforts to come to grips with the clerical sexual abuse scandals, when Pope Francis summoned the presidents of all the bishops’ conferences of the world to try to promote a comprehensive global approach.

One measure of the significance of the event is that it has its own Wikipedia page, a level of cultural relevance that precious few Vatican happenings ever achieve.

No pontiff had ever convened such a high-level summit dedicated to the abuse scandals before: 114 presidents of bishops’ conferences, 14 leaders of Eastern Catholic Churches, 22 superiors of men and women religious, 14 members of the Vatican Curia, and 15 additional bishops and cardinals, as well as some male and female religious and other invited participants. 

The themes of the Feb. 21-24, 2019, assembly were responsibility, accountability, and transparency.

The event swiftly produced fruit: By May, Pope Francis had issued “Vos Estis Lux Mundi” (“You are the Light of the World”), a “motu proprio” (“on his own impulse”) establishing new reporting requirements for both the crime and the cover-up of sexual abuse as a way of trying to ensure that bishops and other superiors in the Church are held accountable. 

Seven months later, Pope Francis also eliminated the requirement of pontifical secrecy in clerical abuse cases, which theoretically should make collaboration with civil prosecutions easier and also enhance the ability of survivors to access information about the status of their complaints and any canonical procedures that result.

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